Saturday  July 12, 7:00 P.M.  

Thanks for making it a great show - TV Special and DVD will be out for the Holidays

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The Maine Music Awards 
Hall of Fame Show®2014 

"Maine has an incredibly skilled, stylistically diverse, long standing music scene. Having been a very active creative and business participant in this wonderful scene since the late 1970s, as session and performing guitarist, music arranger, college instructor and studio manager, I have witnessed the evolution first-hand. There are certain artists from various periods of this evolution, in every genre, whose creative works define the absolute highest standards of excellence and passion that is the hallmark of the Maine music experience. The Maine Music Awards brings these artists together into the much deserved spotlight, honors them for their significant achievements and ongoing deep commitment to the musical arts in Maine, and gives the audience a chance to hear a night of wonderfully diverse music from their favorite artists."

Bob Thompson - Manager/Creative Director of Hearstudios / Former Guitarist with Devonsquare and numerous other Maine artists.

Ellis Paul

Talks about the Maine Music Awards Hall of Fame

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